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Last updated: October 2009
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Penzion Orchidea [The Orchid Bed & Breakfast] is 3-star accommodation with 5-star hospitality.

The penzion has 4 (four) suites situated on two floors.

Room 1 (1st floor)                                  Room 3 (2nd floor)
Suite No.1   Suite No.3
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Up to 10 guests can be accommodated at any one time: two guests each in two of the suites, and three guests each in the remaining two larger suites.

Room 2 (1st floor)                                  Room 4 (2nd floor)
Suite No.2   Suite No.4
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Each suite is equipped with satellite TV and a private bathroom with shower stall and toilet.

TV   bathroom
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A mini bar is located on the 1st floor.

A baby cot is available at no extra charge.

Penzion Orchidea is also pet-friendly.

The reception and café—where breakfast is served—are located on the Ground floor.

The penzion maintains a smoke-free environment.

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